Do you get the Sunday paper or the daily delivery? If so, you might be dealing with a bunch of left over newspapers that are either sitting on your kitchen counters or stacked in a pile in the garage. Sure you could put them out to be picked up with the recycling, but you could also use them to help yourself save money or help keep yourself organized around the house. Finding ways to upcycle newspaper is pretty easy once you really sit and think about it. But the easiest way of them all?! Passing it down to GreenREE! We don’t just take it from you to sell it at a better rate to a scrap vendor. We use something as simple as these newspapers to employ the local artisanal community to let them create unique household items such as fruit baskets, bin liners, veggie bags, paper baskets and multi bins, etc. that do not harm the environment and help these artisans with their livelihood. Our platform rewards you for your good deeds via green coins and provide a space for these products to be sold to all sustainable living enthusiasts at justified prices when compared to our peer companies. Visit our store at greenree.com and start your journey towards making your household a plastic-free one!

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