Greenree Initiatives
Do you always run out of choices while getting ready for a function? Do you struggle with managing your old clothes as they take more room in your wardrobe? Do you run to the market to buy a new dress every time you need to attend any special celebration? Don’t worry you aren’t alone in this race. Most of us deal with having too many clothes but lesser choices to wear. GreenREE is involved in upcycling worn out fabrics to create eco-chic home & fashion accessories such as uniquely designed bags, baskets, with the help of local artisans and empowering them to build sustainable livelihoods and communities. These women are trained in simple techniques to create fashion accessories and home décor with upcycled saris and other recycled materials by adding their own creative flair to create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. Explore our upcycled products made by these incredible artisans here:

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