Greenree Initiatives
Designing products that are up-cycled was an idea of my friend/neighbor who's explored this space for a good while now and is familiar with the challenges and opportunities. I was approached by her for converting old materials to re-usable clothes, furnishing, decor, etc.,.. I was instantly fascinated by the idea as I've always wanted to put my existing fabrics to creative use.. Since I've got a background in design and I've worked with a couple of Indian retail brands, designing fabrics laying at home into usable products was not a task for me. With very little effort, they could be converted into daily use products; i.e., coin pouches, spectacle cases, cushion covers, face masks, etc., I've used fabrics such as stoles/scarves/shawls/sarees to make simple re-usable products. These were either old, not in trend anymore or excess after using in a garment. I am really glad on how up-cycling can solve the issue of mass-wastage. I liked the very idea of burdening the earth lesser by re-using existing unused items at home. One is not just decluttering their home, but also not contributing to trash, by up-cycling. I've been a vegan for animals and environment, and personally, the concept of up-cycling was simply adding a feather in my cap :) In the process, I've also learnt the demand there is, for such products. Which basically means more and more people are now aware of the whole concept of up-cycling. Basis this, I'd like to spread more awareness by creating more products and ideas to cater to the ever growing.

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