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Upcycle Books - Upload your Book

Upcycle Books and Earn Green Coins to Shop Upcycled Products

Easy steps to share your love for reading with a fellow book lover and buy cool, upcycled products with Green coins

Place request

Upload the details of the books that you wish to upcycle, on the GreenREE platform and wait for the approval

Pickup my Books

Once approved, our upcycling warrior will come to your doorstep and collect the books

Store in Warehouse

The collected books are stored in our warehouse and are now up for grabs at a nominal fee, for other bibliophiles just like you!

Sold to a Book-lover

Users can browse through our vast collection of books spread across different genres and pick what suits their interest

Delivering the Book

The books are delivered to the fellow bibliophile's doorstep, for them to enjoy!