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Puttu Maker

Puttu Maker

Milk Kadai 2 LTR

Milk Kadai 2 LTR

Soup Bowl Set ( 6 Nos Of 250ml Each )

Designed by the finest artisan to relish your evening soup Every Earthenware is Handmade and its unique. The colour and shine may vary slightly based on the clay procured by the artisans during the making process.
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Soup Bowl Set ( 6 Nos Of 250ml Each )

How to use :-
1. Rinse the earthernware with plain water to remove dust and clean with cotton cloth to remove dust
2. Soak the cleaned earthernware for 24 or 48 hours for best results.
3. Use scrubber to clean the dirt in the earthernware. Do not use any liquids or detergents
4. Dry it under the sun for 10 to 12 hrs or else pat dry the earthernware completely for 24 Hrs
5. Rub cooking oil on the complete surface ie., inside and outside of the earthernware and keep it to dry. The oil needs to dry completely
6. Now the Eartherware is “ Ready to Use “ for good health

Use low flame to high flame gradually to cook in EARTHERNWARE
Use Silicon or cloth to hold EARTHERNWARE when it is hot.
Avoid steel holders

Benefits of Earthernware:-
Tasty food
Heat resistant
Retain oil and give moisture to food
No adding unnecessary fat to make food tastier
Clay pots add many important nutrients like Iron, Calcium, magnesium.
Good for health.

Why we should use Earthernware:-
Makes delicious food
Lesser usage of oil.
Porous in nature

What Not to cook:-
Clay pots are not to be meant for fry foods eg:- pakodas, fries, vadas.
Do not preheat the oven hence it makes them to crack

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